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ADD:No.216 Xinlang road, Yuyao Industrial Park, Zhejiang, China.
TEL:+86-574-22689958, 13905843254
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Founded in 1994, NINGBO SHUNLI HIGH-VOLTAGE SWITCH SCL&TECH CO., LTD insists on professional design, production and sale of operating mechanisms for high voltage switchgears (12kV~220kV, indoor & outdoor) and circuit breakers.

Located in No.216 Xinlang road, Yuyao Industrial Park, Ningbo, it is endowed with convenient traffic, with 60km away from Ningbo airport, 90km away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport, 200km away from Shanghai airport and 10km away from Hangzhou-Ningbo railway station.

Shunli covers an area of 25,000 square meters, and 30,000 square meters are for production plants. There are about 250 employees: 30% of them enjoy college education and 15 have already achieved the title of middle-level and senior technicians. Up to now, Shunli has sold more than 600,000 sets of operating mechanisms for 12kV-220kV switchgears and CBs at home and abroad. At present, there are 50,000 to 80,000 sets of operating mechanisms for sale and on production per year.

There are 3 production divisions professionalizing in manufacture and management and a provincial researching institute specializing in R&D of operating mechanisms.

Production Division I: specialize in manufacture and quality control of mechanical parts for operating mechanisms and high voltage switchgears. It is fitted with more than 150 sets of NC machining devices, such as laser machining, electrosparking, lathing, milling, grinding and punching, etc. and a heat treatment processing line and a surface treatment processing line for composite plating. What’s more, it is equipped with sets of various testing devices for physical and chemical analysis, metallographic analysis, hardness test, surface flaw detection, X-ray internal flaw detection, etc. Each measure is provided with standard measuring room and professional technicists.

Production Division II: specialize in assembly and quality control of complete operating mechanisms and after-sale service. It is fitted with 8 processing lines for assembly and tests, reliability testing controlgears for operating mechanisms, and dielectric testing devices for secondary electric components, also spring testing devices and bearing testing devices, etc.

Production Division III: specialize in assembly and quality control of CBs, combination component switches and whole set of switchgears, and after-sale service. It is fitted with an automatic processing line for component electric devices’ assembling and testing, whose annual output is 30,000 sets, and a semi-automatic processing line, annual output 10,000 sets, for assembling and testing of whole set of switchgears. Besides, it is provided with sets of testing devices for PD, withstand voltage, mechanical properties, running-in, loop resistance, secondary closed circuit test, ambient test and X-ray test.

Research Institute: specialize in research and development of operating mechanisms, CBs, combination component switches, whole set of switchgears and technical communication. It consists of labs, reliability test room, prototype trial-manufacture department, product design department, process design department, project design department. It adopts software such as Pro/E, solidworks, CAD, etc. for design work. Also, it is fitted with sets of testing devices for ambient test, spring fatigue test, salt spray, data acquisition, mechanical properties, dielectric test, etc.

After more than 20 years’ research and experience, Shunli enjoys the dominant position in product design, production, quality control, management and marketing etc. Also, it has set up a long-term technical and cooperating relationship with famous institutes, such as Xi’an HV Electric Appliance Institute, China Electric Power Research Institute, Zhejiang University and Xi’an Jiaotong University, etc. What’s more, the partnerships between Shunli and overseas and domestic renowned medium and large manufacturers strengthen joint projects development. Up to now, Shunli has developed and produced more than 80 operating mechanisms for various CBs and switchgears, and achieved more than 40 patents in invention and more than 80 patents in utility patents. Professional manufacture and management, supply and demand cooperation with international enterprises, excellent technicians and managing experience lay a solid foundation for product R&D, and QC.

Shunli focuses on providing service for complete machines and production of matching operating mechanisms, persisting in expertise and best quality, and now is an indispensable partner supporting switchgear and CB production enterprises. Shunli, in order to optimize the safety and reliability of operating mechanisms, is trying its best to further study its domain to strongly support the power system.