The company has over 10 production lines, including laser cutting, CNC mechanical processing, surface treatment, CNC thermal treatment and operating mechanism assembly. Its production and processing capacities take the lead in the industry. The company adopts pull and lean production mode, visible dashboard management flow and flexible manufacture technologies, which fully shows modernized production capability of the company. The sales performance of over 250,000 sets of high-voltage switch operating mechanism is the best proof for its production power.
    • Smart ring network cabinet core unit production line
    • Intelligent circuit breaker production line
    • Heat treatment workshop
    • APG Workshop
    • Solid ring main unit automated Assembly and test production line
    • Intelligent circuit breaker, switch, running to operate, test automation production line
    • Machining Workshop
    • NC Processing Line
    • Laser Cutting
    • Composite plating surface treatment device
    • Condition of composite plating samples after 500 hours’salt spray
    • NC heat treatment processing line1
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