Founded on November 1, 2008, Shunli Operating Mechanism Institute was invested by NINGBO SHUNLI HIGH-VOLTAGE SWITCH SCL&TECH CO., LTD. With the help of technical and authoritative departments of China switchgear industry, it is the only Operating Mechanism Institute approved by Zhejiang Science and Technology Agency. Based on years of design, research and processing experience, it serves power transmission and distribution industry at home and abroad, setting up platforms for technical communication and cooperation with renowned enterprises domestic and overseas.
Every year, Shunli invests more than 3 million RMB to support researching work. As a result, there are a series of technical elites and experts. Now 27 technicians and engineers are available, among whom 5 specialize in design and research for circuit breakers, load break switches, disconnecting switches, grounding switches, operating mechanisms more than 30 years and 15 for more than 15 years of experience.
The institute consists of departments of design, process, engineering, test running, intelligence mechanism lab, and reliability running lab.
At present, it uses AutoCAD, PRO/E and Solidworks for designing work. Also, it is equipped with following devices for various testing: physical and chemical analysis testing equipment,
metallographic software computer analysis equipment, salt spray (tarnishing testing equipment), spring force value and fatigue testing equipment, crack detecting equipment, hardness testing equipment, withstand voltage testing equipment with power frequency ranging from 2000V to 100KV, turn number of release testing equipment, loop resistance and mechanical characteristic testing equipment,standard signal generator, high-speed data collecting & analysis system, digital storage oscilloscope, high-speed data acquisition and analysis system, digital bridge,
DC signal source, digital micro resistance measuring instrument, tension(pressure) testing box, small ambient testing box and so on.
Zhejiang Shunli Operating Mechanism Institute enjoys a long term technical cooperation and communication with many agencies and colleges based on its researching and inventing ability. Its technical advantage in switchgear devices at home and abroad inspires people in Shunli to work harder for global power transmission and distribution industry.
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